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מחשבה יומית
Thought for the Day

Think and consider that every place was, at the beginning, full with the light of Ein Sof (the Eternal). So it was necessary for G-d to contract Himself to make a space to create the worlds. Nevertheless, there still remains an impression of that original, all-encompassing holiness. Everything in the world, in the beginning, was all within G-d. 

Hanhagos Tzadikim, Rebbe Mordechai miTchernobyl

The Month of MarCheshvan 

Cheshvan is the second month of the Jewish calendar counting from Rosh Cheshvan is the only month that does not have any holidays or special mitzvot. We are taught that it is “reserved” for the time of Moshiach, who will inaugurate the Third Temple in the month of Cheshvan.

The great flood in the days of Noach began in this month, and it was a year later, also in the month of Cheshvan, that Noach left the ark.

In the month of Cheshvan we commemorate the yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing) of our matriarch Rachel. She is buried on the road to Beit Lechem, where throughout the ages, and still today, Jews of all walks of life go to pray and beseech that she intercede on their behalf as a mother does for her child.

This month is the anticlimax of the previous month of Tishrei. With so many holidays and spiritual experiences, it was a feast for the soul—a vacation of sorts. Now, as we enter the month of Cheshvan, real life begins, back to the daily “mundane” grind. This is the time to take the inspiration and all that we gained in the month of Tishrei and integrate it into our lives, learning how to balance the spiritual and the physical elements of our life in unison and harmony.

Mercaz Machshava Tova
is creating positive change in our lives
through the study of the inner depths of Torah
~ Parenting workshops
~ Meditation workshops
~ B’nei Noach workshops
~ In-depth Torah study our live, interactive "Virtual Beit Midrash"!

"A Stroll in the Garden"

Explorations in Jewish Thought

with Rabbi Yosef Resnick

Please join us as we delve into a wide range of Jewish texts each week, immersing ourselves in the thought of some of the greatest thinkers in Jewish history.

This class is free and open to all adults (donations welcome). No prior experience necessary.

Every Sunday night, 9:00–9:45 PM
in the Mercaz Machshava Tova virtual classroom

Click for complete information and to register.

Some of the exciting classes we have held over the past few years!

The Illuminations of Rav Kook


Every Sunday, 5:00 - 6:00 PM Eastern Time
in our state-of-the-art virtual classroom 

with special guest teacher 
Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein of Jerusalem

Click for complete information

A Woman of Valor

An Ancient Text Revisited 
for the Modern Woman

with special guest teacher
Sara Esther Crispe 

Join us as we delve into the inner meaning of each verse of Eshet Chayil, how each verse connects to a different powerhouse woman in Jewish history, how the Hebrew letter that begins each verse ties it all together, and how these ideals and descriptions pertain to us today.

Artwork credit: "A Woman of Valor" by Susie Lubell of Jerusalem. Visit Susie's site for more beautiful and whimsical watercolors and Judaica.

Steinsaltz Global Day of Jewish Learning

The Steinsaltz 
Global Day of Jewish Learning

The topic will be Gratitude and Birkat haMazon (Blessing After Meals). Please join us for a fascinating look at this topic, as we study Torah, discuss together, and share ideas—live and interactive in the Mercaz Machshava Tova virtual classroom.

Join us as we unite with 300 communities in 40 countries engaging in Torah study, inspired by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz.

This event is free, but space is limited.


with special guest teacher 
Rabbi Natan Ophir of Jerusalem

Rabbi Natan Ophir

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“ZMANIM” (halachic times for prayer)
Click a city to jump to your zmanim, or click to enter zip code. (If zmanim don't show on a new page when you click, that means the external site is having technical difficulties, so please check again later.)


z'chut (privilege, merit) זכות
z'hirut (caution, care) זהירות
zrizut (alacrity, eagerness) זריזות

Zehirut and zrizut are two qualities that we are enjoined to cultivate in our Torah study and our performance of mitzvot. 

Awareness for the Letter ZAYIN

How careful are we with a mitzvah?

How eager are we to perform it?

These two qualities reflect our love and appreciation for the Torah. When we deeply and honestly view each mitzvah as an opportunity to connect to the Infinite (Ain Sof), we will naturally take extra care with each one. It is a privilege, a z'chut, to be able to perform each mitzvah—and even more so when we have the opportunity to engage others as well. 

These original meditations are inspired by and based on the teachings of Rabbi Dovid Laida, who delved into the aleph-bet and found meaning and a spiritual service for each letter. 

Art by Martin Mendelsberg. Kabbalah artwork, including tiles with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, are available at Alef Bet Designs.  

Click here for more Aleph-Bet Reflections.

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